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Joe Rector was born, August 12th 1935 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, the heart of Indian country. He is of Cherokee ancestry.

Joe started drawing at about the age of five.

His first drawings were done by looking at comic book characters and drawing them. As a teenage artist he began to study all forms and styles of artwork on his own. Everything from commercial art and signs to fine art of various types, western art being his favorite.

Having a great interest in physical fitness, Joe became a champion weightlifter, setting several state records, two national and one world record.[citation needed] He developed an appreciation for great strength and body development. Incorporating this appreciation into his artwork has brought about portrayals of the American Indian and other Western characters that show the great strength of the active, robust early American.

A Rector "character" painting gives the impression of strength and power but still has the grace and beauty of lines that was portrayed by some of the "Old Masters" such as Michelangelo.

Joe A. Rector
Joe A. Rector
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